Chongqing Qingling Forging Co.,Ltd, an affiliate of Qingling Group, was jointly established by Qingling Group as the holding party, ISUZUMotors, Tokyo Forging Co., and ISUZU (China) Investment Co., with registered capital of USD 83 million.
     Forging Company introduced large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale fully-automatic forging lines along with integrated heat treatmentlines from Müller Weingarten AG in Germany, of which the forging production achieved centralized control through computer network.,Qingling Forging became one of the leading enterprises in China, which is equipped with highautomatic production, high-qualityparts and high-level management.
     Qingling Forging Company orientate the forging products to both the domestic and overseas markets. Qingling Forging Company produceforging parts with max weight as 150kg which are applied in various fields, for instance, automotive, locomotive, engineering machinery,ship,etc. The annual capacity reaches 35,000 tons. For domestic market, Qingling Forging Company mainly supply Qingling Motor Group with over 80 categories of forging parts applied in light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, such as engine crankshaft,connecting-rod, transmission gear, transmission axle, front axle and steering knuckle. For overseas market, Qingling Forging Company export a number of forging products in batches covering crankshaft, connecting rod, steering knuckle, end tube, to developed countries and regions, such as Japan, North America, and Europe. High-quality forging products and services endow Qingling Forging Company with high quality creditability and sound commercial reputation.